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We invite you to participate in

VI International Wine Competition
Carpatia Vini
Kombornia 2018

The Contest is open to wine producers and distributors.

The first two competitions took place in Boguchwała, another three in Łańcut. The current edition is based on an agreement between the Association of Wine Makers of the Podkarpacie Region, the Slow Beskid Foundation and RSF Sp. z o.o. it will take place in Dwór Kombornia.

During our wine competition, we also return to the educational role of this undertaking.
During a professional jury, in parallel, the commissions will be judged by our committees
winemakers, as a result we will be able to compare these assessments. We hope that in a short time
we will select from among our group a group of jurors with appropriate predispositions for judging.
In this way, we will deepen our knowledge of wines from different parts of Europe.

Details of the competition can be found in the regulations below.
The completed form and wine samples should be submitted by 31/08/2018 to the organizer's address.
We cordially invite you to take part in the competition!

Files to download:

Contes rules

Submission form

Submission form - to edit


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